Beauty Tips 2019. As we age, we all yearn for a younger fresh-face and makeup can make it happen. But your makeup needs to evolve and adapt with your skin visible changes. Techniques that works back 2o years ago will no longer work when you are in your 40’s, 50’s and 60’s as well as older aging skin.

Applying your makeup if you’re not careful can make you look much older than your age. I have compiled a list of some of the most common mistakes that add years instead of hiding your aging flaws. I have committed some makeup faux pas in the past and I know you too wears that guilt as well.

4 Best Beauty Tips 2019

Anti Aging Foundation

The best beauty tips 2019 includes your foundation, seriously it is the base of every makeup application, it forms the base of your look. Going sans foundation is better than sporting a bad foundation application, but getting a good foundation is like a sweet miracle on your aging skin.

You simple cannot afford to skip foundation, if you do then your skin tone will shout uneven. Take care not to apply it too heavily, as it will only settle int the creases and fine line, thus highlighting every single skin imperfection.

Your foundation formula should not be too heavy, it should be the right texture enough to smooth out your complexion without leaving a cakey finish. Dry skin becomes your number one concern as you age. And so, a liquid, or cream foundation should be your number one choice.

Top beauty tips 2019 highlighted that you should opt for a tinted moisturizer instead of using a powder foundation. Oftentimes, they make aging skin looks flaky. With the aging time and this technologically modern era you will find that there are better makeup formulation that works better than the cosmetics you used 10 or 20 years ago.

Nude Makeup Look

Some makeup artists recommend using powder on top of cream formulas so your look will last longer, but the powder will accentuate the dryness of your aging skin. In fact, drier skin powder does more harm than good as it tends to seep into fine lines. You could also use a setting spray to get that flawless beauty look.

Don’t ever apply blush to the apples of your cheeks and avoid applying too much, or picking the wrong shade. When in doubt opt always check out the best beauty tips 2019 tutorial. Natural look has always been a hit so always go NUDE, a nude shade goes perfect with every makeup scheme. Less can be more and really you don’t want to look like a smitten clown.

Blush Application Tips

For Aging Skin, if you must apply a shaded blush, do not apply blushes with undertones that are too red or brown. To find your perfect shade you can pinch your cheeks, your blushing color will make it a whole lot easier to find the natural shade that fits your skin tone.

Opt for a cream formula instead of powder to avoid a flaky finish.  Apply a tiny smudge at the center of your cheekbone then swooping it upwards blends well and give a glowing youthful look.

Eye Makeup Tips

Avoid wearing black eyeliner on your bottom eyelids, black heavily tinted lines ages you. And makes your eyes appear smaller in size. Black eyeliner actually accentuates the fine line of the eyes and drags down your entire face.

Keep your face looking youthful, your eyes should always appear brighter and wide open. Use a deep brown eye shadow or eyeliner instead of the popular kohl black. And never use a gel liner on the bottom eyelid, you should only use it on the top lid.

You could also opt for a clear, nude or white eyeliner on the waterline, this creates a youthful glow and brightens your eyes. Always create a youthful glow perfect for that no makeup or natural beauty look.

Check out best beauty tips 2019 video for more hot look straight from the world’s hottest catwalks.





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