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Best makeup tips? Right off the bat, everyone has beautiful skin! Yep, we all were born with wonderful baby soft – Butt-kissable booty, which we had no problem showing off when we were much younger. But along the way something happens and that delicate rosy skin we were born with seems to disappear as we get older.

Now, we are on a quest to reverse the damages and get back to where we could show off our beautiful age-defying skin…once more. So lets start with our face, your makeup application must be on point to help accentuate our every day look and lifestyle.

9 Best makeup tips

1 – Less is more when it comes to applying the best makeup tricks to enhance your beauty. Always opt for a moisturizing face cream or primer that will leave your face beaming with a delicate shimmer. Your face moisturizer or primer should leave your face looking lovely, even before adding any other makeup.

2 – Psst always use sunblock no matter what your skin tone.  The sun has no qualms about burning anyone, whether you are white, medium or dark – Try a SPF rich face moisturizer that will protect your skin from the sun with its premature ageing effects. Or you can just opt for a bottle of your favorite sunscreen to put on before adding your moisturizing face cream.

3  – Your foundation should stay put all day, so if your makeup foundation disappears at high noon, or get lost in the rush- hour traffic, then its time to make sure it last all day. Using a setting spray will do the trick, your foundation should last for at least 8 hours without any touch up.

best makeup tips for beginners & mature skin

4 – An extremely good eye shadow primer is a must have. Always search for only the best eye shadow primer that is suitable for your eyes.

5 – Your mascara should glide on easily without leaving any ugly clumps behind. You can simple use your body heat to warm it up before applying to your lashes. It’s not Halloween, so there is absolutely no trick…..only a wonderful treat.

Like….really, you can place your mascara in your bra between your breast, or between your legs and even under your arm.

No kidding, the heat generated will make your mascara goes on way much smoother. The trick is, it should be the last piece of cosmetics you put on, before walking out the door.

6 – Some cheap rosewater can work some beautiful makeup magic. After stacking your eye shadow brush with your favorite eye color, spray a light splash of rosewater on it.  Seriously this will enhance the color and make it last even longer.  Also, for those of you that are not on the too thrifty side, like me, you could use the Mac Fix+, it will do the same trick as the rosewater.

7 – You don’t have to spend a fortune to achieve the best makeup applications, but you should always try to spend your money on a variety of decent makeup. Also, your makeup brushes should be of good quality. The best brushes cost a decent dollar, but they can last for many years if properly taken care of.

Best makeup tips for over 50

8 – Mineral makeup is the best beauty products for any age, but for women over 5o, it’s the best makeup to use. Mineral makeups are lightweight, natural and organic. Also, they are loaded with minerals and rich with nutrients to nourish your skin. Mineral makeup is also good for fighting wrinkles as it is loaded with anti aging minerals.

9 – The best makeup tips are created from everyone’s own makeup guideline, which they have crafted overtime. A rule created by only you, which has now become the focal point for administering your makeup.

For example; you could go for eyes that pops (statement eyes), next you could try to achieve more inconspicuous subtle lips, or strong bold lips.

The above rule is quite easy to follow, whether you are a teen, 20’s, 30’s, 40’s, 50’s or 60’s – 70’s. Firstly, you should focus on one principle area at a time. Once you are able to master each pivotal point, then you can easily blend them together to create you very own best makeup tips tutorial.

Hope my best makeup tips helped. I am most happy to help  answer your query for best makeup tips 🙂

Makeup Mistakes to Avoid

Watch this video to avoid some basic makeup blunders plus get more makeup tips to achieve your flawless face.


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