6 Best hair essentials tips

1 – Best hair detangler

I will use a spray bottle to dampen my hair with a combination of oil and water. I’m using the grape seed and avocado oil by aunt Jackie. And I love this stuff, so the first thing that I do is section my hair in small section because I have tons of tangles, my hair before I grew it out was short and thick, so you know the tangled web it weaved. Here I use my wide tooth comb to detangle the rest.  Then I just make a few big twists and leave it until the next day, so the grape seed oil can soak in each strand of hair.

Don’t be alarmed at the amount of hair you shed once you are through combing out the tangles. In fact, it’s quite normal for human beings to shed at least 100 hair strands a day. Shedding is completely normal, but don’t worry, it will all grow back ten times over.  Another hair essentials tips you should be aware of.


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