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Makeup highlight and contour….anyone? Hey you guys…. welcome! You are here because you want to learn how to do makeup highlight and contour. Today I’m gonna be going over how to use cream and powder to highlight and contour your face. However, for a round face, or oval face shape, its different techniques, it is not like every other face shape.
Everybody seems to do contours and highlights the same way, and that is just not how it should be because we all have different shape faces. With that said, makeup highlight and contour for a round face takes a different makeup application angle.

Makeup highlight and contour guide

Everyone’s face is so different, my face borders between oval and round, when I get thinner I feel like I could contour the way that everybody contours. But when I gained weight my face, definitely rounded out, then I need lot of curves in my face. By using the shape of the face, it is the most common way that people contour and highlight. But really there is nothing wrong with doing makeup highlight and contour your way.
 If you do want to contour your way, and you like the way it looks, it is alright. So if you have a round face shape and you want to do it your way ….go for it. There is nothing wrong, there are no rules in makeup, you can do whatever you want. However, today
I’m going to be teaching you about sculpting out the cheeks of a rounded face person.
Also, this makeup highlight and contour tutorial will show different ways that you can contour around different types of face shapes. Whatever your face shape may be…. you don’t have to follow a set of rules. Yes there are guidelines, but you can also do whatever makes you the happiest, just whatever methods that work for you or your clients.

Makeup highlight and contour products

1 – Concealer

2 – Foundation

3 – Powder at least 1-2 shades lighter or 1-2 shades darker than your skin tone

4 – A Blending brush or small piece of sponge

5 – Highlighters

6 – Illuminators

7 – Translucent powder and  setting spray (these are optional)

How to highlight and contour makeup tutorial

1. Wash your face with a mild soap, then use a toner to remove excess oils and dirt. Next you should add some sunscreen before adding your skin moisturizer, or you could use a sunscreen rich moisturizer.
2 – First you will start off with a primer, but firstly you will have to check your skin type….dry, normal, oily or combination skin are the four skin types.  I do have normal to oily skin, so I used the Smashbox photo-finish light primer, this stuff is amazing because it really…. really helps the oil control. And throughout the day, I noticed, I don’t get as oily. Also, I don’t have to touch up as much throughout the day.
3 – Now it’s time to add your foundation, it’s 100% okay to play around with different types of foundations. You can also stick with what you know and love. My favorite is the Too Faced Born This Way foundation, it is my favorite foundation of all time. The nude shade is perfect for everyone, I usually add just a light layer, because I am going to add a lot of other makeup products.

4 – You can use a Beauty Blender sponge to blend in your foundation, so you get a full coverage. You can also use your fingertips if you don’t have a makeup sponge.

5 – Let’s go in with some concealer, my choice is the popular and fabulous Tarte shape tape concealer, it gives you full coverage. Just dab a little underneath your eyes…Viola… you will see that under the eyes is a lot lighter. This works best, especially if your foundation is a little bit darker than your skin tone.

6 – Next you will balance it out on the high points of your face with your highlighter,  you can use whichever brand you choose. Put a little bit down the nose and on the chin and just a little bit on the forehead. This is just to balance out the color if you had a concealer that matched your skin or  one shade lighter.

7 – You will lightly brush the highlighter in, this is because the parts you are highlighting always comes forward, or appear bigger. Certainly you don’t want your chin to appear super big. While on the other hand, any part that you contour looks smaller or pushes back. Dabble a bit of contour onto the side of the nose, just  a little bit because it kind of helps to contour the nose. Also, add a little highlighter on the top of the lips so they appear bigger and fuller.

Best contour and highlight product

My favorite products for cream highlighting is the L’Oreal magic luminous highlighter, I used the shade #1, which is the lighter shade. However, there are three different shades to chose from, one will surely match your skin tone.
Now on the forehead make a vertical line and continue to the top of the cheekbones to add the illusion of a sculpted face. You are basically trying to give the roundness just a lot of curves by creating angles. I’m gonna stipulate here, that you should not blend in the highlighter as yet, you should just push on the areas before using the beauty blender to get a perfect blend.

How to highlight and contour for beginners


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