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Best treatment for acne scars – What to do when you have giant acne scars from having really severe acne in the past, and also what to do with mild scars? Now I’m a big fan of sharing my best treatment for acne scars tutorial. I have actually proven that these acne scarring treatments worked 1000 percent.
There are so many high reviews depicting actual cures for acne. But you will often have to cut through the rumble to find the best that will remove your acne and acne scars. So to get those unsightly dark spots your face here are some easy to severe acne treatments that actually remove acne scarring.

5 Best treatment for acne scar removal

1 – Dermabrasion brush
2 – Mechanical exfoliation
3 – Retin-a chemical peels from light to deep
4 – Microdermabrasion laser treatments
5 – Dermapen augmentation and fillers

The best treatment for acne scars

It all depends on what works well to remove your acne scaring, above I have listed the acne scars removal list, now let’s get into, to find the best treatment for acne scars that are effective. We’re gonna move from the light to medium to the severe treatment that you can do for your acne scars. So this first step is for people with very minimal scars like almost non visible.

1 – Dermabrasion acne treatment

If you have deep boxcar, deep needle or the ice pick type scars, you should purchase the dermabrasion brush. It is kind of like that little spinning brush you’ve probably seen from Clarisonic works best. I’m sure there are other brands available, it’s just a spinning brush of fibrous style bristles, it’s not a metal or like a hard surface to inflict severe bruises.
The dermabrasion brush when in use will just spin and supposed to remove the top layer of dead skin cells. This process will work for mild acne scars, but it will not work for severe acne scars. The other most common light treatment for acne scars and acne is mechanical exfoliation.

2 – Mechanical exfoliation

You’ve probably seen this before, st. Ives has a brand with basically little pieces of pumice stones, or more commonly it’s like a a body wash with little tiny pieces of stone. This product has proven to mechanically scrape the top layer of dead skin of your face. This acne scar removal method has worked for some people but not for everyone, however, it makes the list of best treatment for acne scars

How to remove medium acne scars

3 – Retin-a acne treatment

If your acne scars are medium, you pretty much have tried a whole list of acne scar products without much success. The best is the retin-a, this is one of the best treatment for acne scars for anyone, who has some serious acne scars to deal. This is just as simple as a topical ointment cream that you put on your face. The only difficult part is that you have to get a prescription from a dermatologist or a doctor to get this acne scar treatment.

The process is quite straight forward, you put it on your face and it actually removes the top layer of skin. It is vitamin derivative that remove dead skin cells and helps create new layers.

Using the retin-a will cause your skin to even out in the surface level, so your your scars don’t look as bad. This acne product is often the most recommended for acne treatment. Your acne and acne scars will be less noticeable, it also works great for skin discoloration.

Chemical peels, now I’m kind of on the fence with chemical peels. I do know that they do work for some people but others say it did not work for them. With this treatment, the chemical peels all vary in severity of the actual chemical you’re using to peel that top layer of dead skin off. You can even purchase chemical peels right off Amazon stores.

Severe acne scars treatment

4 – Microdermabrasion laser treatments

There are more intense acne treatments done with kind of a medium version of TCA. But there are way more potent version of the same acne treatment with a higher percentage of the TCA, and that is the like a severe chemical peel. Many acne scarring reviews stated that this is one of  the best treatment for acne scars.
All chemical peels are going to cause you to have a very red irritated face, depending on the severity of  the treatment. For a few days you will have to stay away from the warm and inviting sunlight.
No doubt, acne treatments can go from cheap to really expensive, you have to do your own research to see if microdermabrasion is right for you. But always take into consideration that dermabrasion and microdermabrasion are two different process.
Dermabrasion can be done at home with a brush while Microdermabrasion is a laser acne treatment that is done by a dermatologist or a licensed individual.

5 – Dermapen augmentation and fillers

Dermapen is revolutionary but ancient. It is a micro-needling device use to rejuvenate the skin by lifting and tightening it. Natural collagen production can be achieved by using the Dermapen, the process used is identical to the fractional laser treatment, but with less side effect.

How does Dermapen work? The Dermapen stimulates and encourages the growth of elastin, and collagen as well as rejuvenate and revitalize skin, which are prone with acne scars, wrinkles and fine lines.

If you are suffering from severe acne scarring, you can research both of these best treatment for acne scars methods to see which works best on acne scarring.


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