Collagen induction therapy is widely known as micro needling, this is a collagen induction therapy system. What happens when you do this process? It’s done by penetrating little channels into the skin. It is often used on clients that have acne scarring, wrinkles and other skin blemishes.

The collagen induction therapy is done with the use of a small pen that has little needles on the end. This apparatus allows you to change the dept of the penetration level, which could be as low as two and a half millimeters down in the dermal layer.

About collagen induction therapy?

This unique collagen induction therapy process actually penetrates the skin. What’s happening is that, the skin is practically being traumatized to the point of basically telling the collagen to wake up and start producing again. Collagen is what gives us the plumpness in our skin, especially when we  were much younger.


You could compare it to something like aerating your lawn, when they aerate your lawn they put a machine over it, and it kind of looks like little duck turds coming up on your lawn. What that’s doing is, its opening your lawn dirt, it’s now able to breathe, they can put chemicals in there, so your lawn is nice and plush and green. Your lawn will now be able to look nice and thick, its the same concept with your skin.

So micro-needling is putting those channels in there and putting it all over your face. The collagen induction therapy again is going to help to build collagen, it’s going to help with fine lines and wrinkles, as well as the tone and texture of your skin.


Using the collagen induction therapy system, you also can reduce the size of your pores, it is also ideal for stretch marks, and acne scars. This process can repair acne scarring on any part of your body, and since it can basically work anywhere, it could definitely remove all your skin problems.

Micro needling is it right you?

collagen induction therapy

Once you become a client of this procedure, you will absolutely love it because you can really achieve flawless, younger looking skin with this beneficial skin treatment. Getting the collagen induction therapy done to repair your skin can only be administered by a licensed specialist or a dermatologist.

The process is done with a hyaluronic acid, which is put on the patients face, at least 30 minutes prior to the micro needling process. A numbing cream is also administered to the area that will be treated with the collagen induction therapy. So, technically, numbing the area will prevent the process from hurting. You won’t really feel the needling too much, it will just feel like little vibrations.

The person performing the procedure can change the depths in the pen, without you even knowing, or feeling any pain.  Typically, the collagen therapy will start out at a 1/2 millimeter deep. The first pivotal point is always the cheek because the flesh is thicker and much easier to work with.

Collagen induction therapy reviews

Starting out, it will look like a lattice work as the technician work in a pattern to make sure all that skin is channel by these micro microscopic needles.  Next, you’re going to start seeing some Thema or some redness showing up on the skin, this indicates that the dermis layer is being penetrated. This layer is where that collagen lays and hides out basically. So, by traumatizing it, it’s getting that stimulation to start producing collagen again.

Applying the collagen induction therapy in some areas are going to be a little bit more sensitive, especially around the eyes, and the top of the lip.  But this is tolerable because of the numbing cream that was administered prior to the start of the procedure.

The induction of collagen therapy usually takes about 30 minutes to do for the entire face. Best of all it is quite tolerable and the result of having flawless, beautiful, and younger looking skin is well worth the trouble.You can expect great changes in your skin.

No more acne scarring! No more fine lines! No more wrinkles!



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