2019 Makeup trends you dare not try? Seriously, they are funny as hell, but a few you would not be caught dead wearing. 2019 is just around the corner, it is now time for everyone to start tuning in to the cities that always set the beauty and fashion trends to set the rest of the world on fire.

Makeup hacks, tricks and tips.

From New York, Paris and Milan you can expect to see the freshest 2019 makeup trends. And even fashion trends that are sure to send you in a tailspin. But before you head out to snatch up beauty products mimic your favorite 2019 makeup trends, check out some of the weirdest beauty trends that is sure to light up the universe in 2019.

Check out these Instagram makeup pics if you dare. You may find one or two that you could try on for size. But in this instance one size will not fit all, as some will probably scare the living daylight out of you.

Makeup Mistakes You Should Avoid


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