The ordinary glycolic acid toner seems to be gathering some steam, especially in the New York area. So here is my review on this new skin beauty trend; the glycolic acid 7% toning solution that promises to leave your skin flawless and beautiful.

the ordinary glycolic acid toner

But does it work better than the Derma e anti-wrinkle toner vitamin, or just about the same? You could experiment with both, at different times, to see which works best for your skin type.

Using A glycolic acid has always been my absolute favorite skin toner. I absolutely love what this product does to my skin. The ordinary glycolic toner only has 7% glycolic acid as mentioned before, it also has suitable blemish and acne treatment like retinol palmitate.

About the ordinary glycolic acid toner

The ordinary glycolic acid toner is not too strong to use on your face as it’s diluted to a suitable percentage, which is ideal for even delicate skin areas. Using a glycolic acid as a skin toner, your skin will respond favorable to the product. In that, it works well to dissolve any dead skin cells that are sitting on the surface of the skin.

However, while the ordinary glycolic acid toner has only 7 percent you will find stronger concentration in other brands of glycolic acid. But, not to worry, it will be just about 10%, and is still quite suitable for the skin but only just a tad bit stronger.

Glycolic toner benefits

Paula’s Choice 10% glycolic acid is the strongest concentrate I have purchased so far, and with this brand you can only use it once per week. Some people are known not to follow the rules with their skincare regimen, but in this instance, it is not recommended to use this product daily.

On the other hand, the ordinary glycolic acid toner, although it states only 7 percent, you should still be careful how often you use this product. You can do spot checks daily to ensure if your skin could tolerate using this skin toner on a daily basis.

If the glycolic acid solution is too strong for your skin, by using it daily you will start experiencing peeling and flaking in your skin. And this is simply because the 7 or 10 percent glycolic acid is just way too strong to be used in your daily skin care routine.

Glycolic toner ordinary results

The flaking and peeling process, at first, might be quite tempting because you are hoping to see your magical transformation of new and younger looking skin. However, it is advisable to find a glycolic solution with a smaller amount of acid, which you could use and tolerate daily.

So, my recommendation is to use the ordinary glycolic acid solution to see how well it works, when applied daily. As the body ages, some of the products we’ve used for anti aging skin care no longer works well for our aging skin. Therefore, finding a product that has the strength to keep us looking younger after every birthday is an absolute must.

Cell turnover is constant, and helping, especially our face to look at least 10 years younger means. You must find your ideal anti-aging skin care regimen. Definitely, one that works wonder for your skin type.

Glycolic toner for acne

The glycolic toner also works well on acne and scarring, its concentrated solution can be used daily to remove stubborn oils and makeup. As you know, cleansing and toning the skin daily will prevent acne breakouts. And with the ordinary glycolic acid toner, you can use it daily to clean your skin thus preventing future acne problems.

For those of you with acne scarring and other dark spots, by using a glycolic acid it will cause your skin to flake and peel. After all the dead skin cells are removed your acne scarring should appear less visible.

The ordinary glycolic acid toner & skin types

By now you should be familiar with the four skin types: oily, dry, combination or normal. However, this glycolic acid works well on every skin type, since it is only a toner being used to remove extra oils and dirt.

If you don’t already know your skin type you can get it check free of cost. Go to your nearest shopping mall and ask for a free makeover at the cosmetics counter. The makeup artiste will be more than willing to use your face as a free practice canvas.

You can learn more about the ordinary glycolic acid toner by watching the video, which has lots more beneficial details about this popular glycolic acid.

Glycolic toner review video


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