How to apply quick makeup tips like sculpting and contouring your face. These days more people are into sculpting their faces with contour powders. It is a far cry from how makeup was previously applied decades ago. But whatever avenue, quick makeup tips, they chose the results will be more than likely the same. Or perhaps, even better with new and improved quick makeup tips that have inundated our beauty world.

quick makeup tips

So, many of us have been doing our makeup since we were like 12 or 13-years-old. Back then we were just starting out, and oh, the mess we made, if only we had an easy makeup tutorial with loads of quick makeup tips to help us out.

Quick makeup tips and tricks

But, overtime, we have learned the ultimate beauty tricks, hacks and tips, and have moved from the beginner stage. And, perhaps, close to the professional stage, thanks to the mirage of quick makeup tips on social media platforms.

You can always find quick makeup tips on YouTube, Instagram, Facebook and Twitter. Even Reddit has some trendy quick makeup tips that you can try out.

If you are a beginner, or have mastered the skills of makeup application, this tutorial will share with you how to easily sculpt your cheekbones and apply your makeup for a fabulous look.

Quick makeup tips for flawless makeup

So, let’s give it a go, the first thing I start with is my eyebrows because as many of you know, it’s the starting point of any makeup application. Always go lighter on your eyebrows not the color they are, but a little bit lighter, so your eyes will look a whole lot fuller.

You can try this cute makeup tip by using the exact shade to fill your eye shadow in at the top, and at the bottom. Use a neutral color in the middle to enhance the colors at the top and bottom of your eyelid. You can add a little rose hip oil to your eye shadow powder to achieve a glam look.

Cat eye eyeliner

Next, you will outline your eyes with your eyeliner. This is the same beauty trick you would use to create a full or half cat eye, but you would use a liquid eyeliner to achieve the perfect cat eye.

Your concealer is the next beauty product to go on, use one that has a little more yellow than your skin. Try to find one that is more like your undertone that will brighten your complexion a little bit.

You can also use a lighter shade of concealer to contour your nose. However, I use a foundation that is a little darker than my complexion to contour so it looks more natural. For a natural sculpt you should bring the nose up a little for that beautifully sculpted look. Always use a small brush to do contours to give the sculpted areas a more precise look.

Quick makeup tips for beginners & moms

By mixing a little bit of foundation and concealer together, you can blend any problem areas. Your makeup brushes will work better than sponges because of their sharp edges that can easily reach problem areas.

And now it’s time to contour the cheekbones, put some contour powder right on the cheekbone. Less is more holds true on this occasion, especially if you have high cheekbones. Use a cream highlighter, I often use Sunkist by Estee Lauder cream highlighter.

Before adding some colors to your lips, always put your lip balm on, nobody likes crackled or chapped lips. Add your favorite lip colors, I like the NYX soft matte lip cream collection, I select my colors depending on my mood or my outfit.

Quick eye makeup tip

Now, it’s time to curl your lashes, after which you will add your favorite mascara. Before starting to apply any makeup, you should place your mascara underneath your breast or between your legs. You will find that the heat generated from those areas will warm your mascara and make it glides on smoother. Because seriously, you do not want clumpy eyelashes.

To make your eyes pop, you will add a little highlighter to the inside corner of your eyes. Now you are ready to finish off your look by adding a little foundation powder underneath your eyes.

Get some glimmer in your eyes by putting black eyeliner inside of the waterline of your eyes. This will enhance the beauty of your eyes even more. These quick makeup tips are quick and easy, you can do them in a hurry for a night on the town. Anyways you can get glam in no time for that date you had planned for, or a busy day at work.

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