Beauty enhancement should be on the tip of every female tongue. Simply, because one of our main goal in life is to always find ways to naturally enhance our beauty. Beauty is said to be in the eyes of the beholder, but also your version of pretty should also be in your eyes. Because beauty enhancement is definitely in…

Today, I will share some instant beauty enhancement tips to make you look flattering, more feminine and a whole lot prettier. So, read on to see how to look more attractive and have the men swooning after you. Isn’t it about time you turn some heads?

beauty enhancement

8 Best beauty enhancement hacks

1 – Gray hair treatment

Dying gray hair roots is the number one telltale sign that you are aging. Your number one option is to fix the glaring advertisement – your aging problem.

In between your next hair dye appointment, you need a quick fix to keep your signs of aging hidden from inquisitive eyes. You could utilize your old mascara, or use a little eye shadow to cover up and mask those little gray areas.

2 – Beautiful eye colors

Whitening your eyes will make you look so much younger and a whole lot more beautiful. When you look at someone’s eyes you usually think what’s the color like is it hazel, blue, brown or green?

Our eyes are the windows to our beautiful soul, and so really, you want to make those colors pop. To achieve some gorgeous eyes, you will have to work on the white around your eyes. Did you know that the whiter that area is, the prettier your eyes look?

So, your long-term solution to whiten your eyes is to eat healthier foods and get more sleep. But for the shorter and instant way is to hydrate your eyes a few times per week.

You can do this with eye drops, this nourishes them and reduces redness and will instantly make your eyes whiter. I have used the Visine original, but you should opt for an eye drops with extra eye moisturizer. Especially, one that has redness reducer on its label.

3 – Get rid of dry flaky skin on face

Get rid of dead skin cells off your face, because they are darn ugly to look at. Exfoliating your skin isn’t a new concept, but this specific tool is a new concept to many of us. Some people have already use a personal microdermabrasion tool. You can easily cop one on Amazon but check those with five stars review to select the best one.

This dead skin removal strategy is one of the best beauty enhancement you could do to achieve flawless skin. It will impress you, as it also works well to suck out blackheads and whiteheads. An excellent microdermabrasion tool will have amazing suction ability, so select one according to its accessories.

Microdermabrasion beauty enhancement

Amazingly, the microdermabrasion gadget has four different heads that you could change based on what skin care treatment you are doing. You will also notice a reduction in fine lines and wrinkles, this tool also lifts your skin during the rejuvenation process.

Your skin will thank you, immediately you will have soft and smooth skin, which really makes an instant difference in your skin. The best time to use the microdermabrasion tool is when you are going to bed, since the process will leave your skin a bit red and irritated. Sleep it off…..In the morning, you will look a whole lot prettier.

Your skin will be refreshed after you exfoliate those dry blotches that have hidden your radiant younger looking skin.

4 – How to get glowing skin naturally

I have been doing this beauty hack for a few years and I love it. Rightfully so, I am obsessed with essential oils because they can instantly improve your skin tone. I used the essential oil beauty serum by incorporating it into my regular skincare routine.

Essential oils are one of the best beauty products that improves the skin’s texture. For generations, it has been used to reduce wrinkles and fine lines, it can also diminish acne scarring spots.

Some beauty enhancement beauty oils are coconut avocado oil. Cyprus rosehip lavender oil and you could also try any essential oils blended with virgin olive oil.

5 – enhance eyelashes

Your lips and eyes are really your pretty attributes. But for now, lets talk about a beauty enhancement trick to get eyelashes naturally longer. Everybody loves long eyelashes, for a quick beauty hack you could use some eyelash extensions.

However, wearing eyelash extensions is not the safest way to go, but you could always try the Rodan or Fields lash boosters, or any other familiar brands. You could also opt for some good ole’ natural organic castor oil, wipe some on and watch your lashes get naturally longer and thicker.

Just get a simple little eyelash spoolie and every night before going to bed just dip it in the castor oil, then coat your lashes. I would say within a week or two you should start seeing some results.

6 – Enhance your lips

Our lips, in my opinion, is one of our prettiest attributes, and once they are popping, the rest of your makeup will be a breeze. So, use a beauty enhancement trick to make them look even prettier. Simply focus on enhancing your lips, you could make your lips pop by going for a bold lipstick.

If you want your lips to look more natural, then you could opt for any of the nude colors. To complement your lipstick, use a good lip liner to outline your lips. Now the little trick here is not to match your lip liner directly with the color of your lipstick.

Many people usually use a matching color eyeliner, but the secret is to make the lip liner a tad bit darker. However, you don’t want to use a too dark shade to make you look like a clown. Just a slightly darker shade will give the effect of fuller and plumper lips.

You could even take this beauty enhancement trick a step further. Put a lighter lipstick color in the very center of your lips to give it plumper look.

7 – Clothes that enhance you

Rule of thumb in the fashion industry is not to wear oversized clothing, this is like telling the world that you are feeling unattractive or not pretty. People with self-esteem problems always  hide themselves in really baggy clothing.

I personally think this just makes it worse, and it is also so unattractive. You are feeling good about yourself, so you want to show off your wonderful body. It will make you feel a lot more beautiful if you show off your curvy figure. And if its not perfect, go out and get yourself some shape wears. I promise wearing a shape wear will let your clothing fit so much better.

8 – Wear a gorgeous smile

The oldest and simplest beauty enhancement trick in the century old beauty book, is to always wear a smile. When you want to look instantly prettier slap a smile on your face turn that silly frown upside down.

Showing your pearly whites is the easiest and best beauty enhancement tip in the world.  Smiling makes the biggest difference in your appearance, it makes you look prettier. it makes you look more confident.

And best of all, it makes you look more approachable; a smiling face exudes happiness.


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