eye brow shaping
Eye brow shaping tips in this tutorial will help you design your beautiful  brows. A well defined set of eye brows doesn’t only make you  look fabulous, they are the  catalysts  that  shapes your entire makeup.

Eye Brows Quick Tips

The most popular color is brown, since it will create a more natural look. You can also chose other neutral colors, let your mood be your guide. To get the ball rolling, you want to draw precise lines, and the first method you will start by using just an eyebrow pencil.

First, start out by outlining the bottom and top part of your brow. Next on the top section of your brow you want to make parallel strokes to fill in the sparse areas in your eyebrow.

Thick eye brow shaping tips

For more dramatic and wider brows, you can take a spoolie, or old mascara brush to basically brush on a natural shade of eyebrow powder to achieve the most organic look. But you will also have to outline the shape before you start brushing on your eyebrow powder.

To do that, you could use a small angled brush as well, they work best for eye shadow application. You can purchase one for a dollar at any beauty bargain store, or your neighborhood dollar store.

Eye brow shaping and filling tips

Try to achieve a clean look by cleaning up all the excess from both bottom and top of your brows. Simple you want your artistry to be as clean as possible.

Like me, I know you don’t want to get specks of powders into your eyes. And you want to be even more careful that you don’t get any loose eyebrow hairs into your eyes as well.

NYX and Elf cosmetics line have some of the cheapest products that works marvelously in any makeup application. Those are my top brands since I am a little on thrifty side, but you could use your favorite brands.

Use a concealer to blend out your brows as you outline the bottom and edges around your brows.

Eye brow shaping tips for beginners

Best practices for people that has little eyebrow hair is to use a matching eyebrow pencil to fill out all the areas that are sparse. Therefore you would use a black pencil, or whatever matches your hair to draw hair like strokes for a natural look.

Follow the tips above for your fabulous eyebrow look. You could also step out of the box and go a little glitzy like the picture above. Whatever you do with your beautiful look is now all up to you.

Remember you want to eyebrow to look define and fuller at the same time. So take out your pencil and start practicing, soon you will be able to master the artistry of creating eyebrows that makes even your best friend jealous.

Eye brow shaping tips video

Basically, I just came up with my own routine one day and ever since then I’ve been getting better the more I do my brows. You don’t have to be worried, everything gets better with time like fine wine.


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